Hi there!

I am a mama, artist, birth photographer, birth and postpartum doula serving Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

I am invested in every family that I have the honor of working with.

I want to get to know your family and support you on a deeper level than snapping pictures, doing a hip squeeze, or cooking a quick meal before leaving.

I want to make your journey into parenthood a positive and memorable experience. I’m forever in awe of the transformative, emotional story of every childbirth I’m honored to attend. I value the relationships nurtured with each of the inspiring families I work with and look forward to being a trusted member of your birth team!

What you can find me doing:

Things I love:

Speaking of DIY projects, I’m great at getting them started, but teeeeerrible at following through. Mostly because I have 1039123 new ideas that come to my mind before I get to finish the first.

My collection of local pottery maker’s coffee mugs that were mostly gifted to me by my clients – most are very feminine and I love enjoying a hot cup of coffee or ginger tea out of them.
Mountain Air and hiking boots. A baby strapped onto my back exploring the world (or local state parks for a start).

Cooking with friends and of course for my birth & postpartum clients. If it didn’t require cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, I’d make a living out of it.

The way my babies little hands feel in mine. When my son comes up, reaches out his arms and lets me know he needs me in this moment, he needs a long hug and a snuggle. No matter how depleted or touched out I feel, these are the moments I always want to make time for.

”Talk Birthy to me” – This should be my motto. Usually I am at a loss for words. I’m a total introvert and not super confident. I don’t like talking to large groups of people, but will chat your ear off about pregnancy, birth or postpartum.
the important things

Drink of Choice:

Kombucha Spritzer (kombucha with sparkling water. Yummmm)

Guilty Pleasure Food:

Loaded Sweet Potato fries with bacon and brie (from a local restaurant and they are to die for!!!!)

Shows I'm Obsessed with:

Grey’s Anatomy, Virgin River, Shitt’s Creek, Call the Midwives

Perfect Self-Care Hour:

Hot cappuccino in hand, soaking up the sunshine while strolling through town to check out the local thrift stores!

Craziest thing I’ve done:

Moving halfway across the world at 18 to care for a 2 year-old and 3 month old little girl full time. Super grateful because I get to call these two “little” ladies my nieces now so I’m definitely glad I stuck it out
Emotional. Beautiful. Honest.