Surprise Gender Home Birth In Great Falls, Va With Premier Birth Center | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer

Surprise Gender Home Birth In Great Falls, Va With Premier Birth Center | Northern Virginia Birth Photographer

When Kristen reached out to me about her Virginia home birth, she talked about how she always wanted to have her babies’ births photographed, but they just never pulled the trigger. After our in-person meeting, I was even more excited to find out that I will get to document the birth and newborn days for Kristen, her husband Thomas and their two, soon-to-be three babies.

When we met up, Kristen also told me that they are planning, and have done so with their older two kiddos, to wait until birth to find out the gender of the baby. This was something I was very excited about, because it adds such a special touch to baby’s birth day. And so the waiting began for this very loved, ‘team green’ baby to join his family…

As The Days And Weeks Passed And Mama’s Due Date Got Closer, We Stayed In Touch Frequently.

Fun fact: My birthday is on 08/24 and I was convinced baby would make their appearance on my birthday in good old birth worker fashion. But he did hold off and wanted to be amongst the 3% of babies who chooses to be born on their due date.

I received a text in the morning, but Kristen insured that things were not intense enough yet, but I dropped my babies off with the sitter and remained on stand-by. Sure enough a good 30 minutes later I received a text from Thomas to let me know things have picked up and it would be a good time to join. I was greeted by Thomas and his two oldest and arrived shortly before mitwife Mayanne of Premier Birth Center in Chantilly, VA and her birth assistant.

‘Team Green’ Turned ‘Team Blue’

As I walked upstairs, I could hear Kristen vocalizing through her contractions and could sense baby would be here soon. She worked through intense contractions effortlessly with the help of her husband and midwife Mayanne of Premier Birth Center. After a short pushing phase in the birth tub, Owen Francis was born in the water, reaching up for his mama (check out that picture below. Probably one of my favorites from this birth!).

To much of Kristen’s surprise they welcomed another sweet, little boy into their family. Take a look at her amazing reaction which brought everyone in the room to tears!

Telling A Birth Story Is Truly Something So Unique And Unforgettable.

Years from now, I will be able to draw from those emotions that are so palpable and run deep during pregnancy, birth and postpartum and it will never be something that I will take for granted.

Take A Minute And Check Out Some Of My Favorite Images From Their Family-centered, ‘Team Green’ Home Birth Below!

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