Why Birth Photography Is Worth The Investment

Why Birth Photography Is Worth The Investment

When my husband and I brought our oldest home from the hospital, all we had was a handful of blurry cell phone selfies. We took a few images throughout the induction process and the last one I have on my phone was a picture of the clock showing 8:01am. I remember taking that picture just as my contractions were getting more unbearable and I was entering active labor. Then there is an almost 5 hour gap. Then a terribly angled selfie that I definitely cherish, but also makes me cringe at the same time.

There were no images of this crazy wild ride called birth. Nothing to remember the transformation that you go through as a women when you become a mother. Hardly any images of me or my husband just snuggling our newborn baby soaking in those precious first hours, because let’s face it, we both were too busy staring at this new life we created than to take each others picture.

So here are my top 3 reasons why for all future babies, a birth photographer is an absolute MUST HAVE on my prep list

#3 – Capture All The Details

Those tiny wrinkly fingers and toes that often times are still purple the first few minutes after birth, the way they gaze into your eyes when they are put on your chest, their first latch and first cry. All of this changes so incredibly fast especially in the first few days and weeks after birth. Even if you are planning on getting newborn pictures taken, I promise you that nothing compares to the details that are captured on your baby’s birth day.

#2 – Remember Your Strength And Your Partner’s Support

This applies to all types of births, whether you are having an unmediated home birth or a planned Cesarean. Birth is powerful and so transformative. You will hit a breaking point – physically, mentally, emotionally, but you will work through it and your images will be there to show you the highs and lows and the support you had by your side.

#1 It Will Be The Most Important Day Of Your Life

We spent months (and thousands and thousands of dollars) looking for the perfect wedding photographer to capture this new chapter in our lives. We want somebody there to freeze in time all of our emotion and the support we receive on our wedding day. Why not capture the birth of our babies for the exact same reason? Why not document our journey into parenthood with the same intention?

Everybody I have talked to about birth photography tells me similar things “I wish I had known about it back in the day. I would give anything to go back and have pictures of my baby’s birthday”. Birth photography can be a lot of things, depending on your birth and how you experience it. It can be healing to see that YOUR BIRTH MATTERED and that you were supported. It is so important to have your story told and having images to remind you of the day your heart grew ten folds is invaluable.

There is no life event that compares to becoming a parent – no intimacy, vulnerability and strength you have ever experienced before. The tender kiss and support from your partner, but most of all the unimaginable feeling of love that rushes through you when you pull your baby up to your chest. This is what birth photography aims to capture. The story of your growing family.

If you are interested in booking a birth session or would like some more detail, I would love to connect.

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